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The Weekend School was founded in March 2019 by Ms Kaia who graduated in Early Childhood Studies. She has worked in multiple preschools and has taught children from ages 2 to 6 over the last 7 years. In one of the research projects with tech toys done by Kaia in 2016, it was exhibited that children, especially ones who are more shy, learn and express themselves a lot better in environments they feel comfortable in with minimised stress. Kaia believes that children learn best through fun and hands-on learning experiences and started The Weekend School to design tangible lessons that bring this belief to life.

Why is The Weekend School called The Weekend School? Well, when TWS was still in the talks before it had a name and before any actual classes were held, it was always referred to as ‘The Weekend School’. It sounded pretty catchy and so 'The Weekend School' it is!


TWS started out offering classes over the weekends. Over the months, weekday slots were opened up as well to cater to the increasing demand. 


Get in touch now for more information on availabilities and programmes!

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