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Preparing Preschoolers For Life

The Weekend School works towards building children to be inquisitive, resilient, confident and respectful. It is in the core of TWS's beliefs that children learn best in environments with minimal stress and have therefore designed fun educational hands-on lessons for preschoolers of ages 3 to 6. We work with preschoolers in areas like language, numeracy, sciences, critical thinking, problem solving and empathy through well-rounded thematic lessons that incorporate these skills. Check out the programmes for more information. 



Hands-on Experiments, Projects, Sensory Activities, Art, Language & Numeracy; a holistic concoction of education & fun


Going above and beyond for the children and consistently working on creating meaningful & joyful learning experiences for them.





Well rounded programmes that elicit children’s curiosity & love for learning. Aside from academics & knowledge, TWS sessions purposefully allow children to develop social emotional skills and values. The aim is to ultimately prepare preschoolers not just for primary school, but for life.

It is in the core of TWS's beliefs that children learn best in environments with minimal stress and have therefore designed fun educational hands-on lessons to exhibit the best possible results for children while putting heavy importance on their mental wellbeing.

Lesson summaries + photographs are always sent to parents after TWS sessions. Parents are kept in the loop on what happens in each session and this always opens up conversations - between parents & child, and between parents & teachers.


Came across The Weekend School by chance and decided to give them a shot, best decision ever! Kaia is extremely well planned out for her programmes and she makes an effort to send out notes of my child’s progression which I really appreciate :) My daughter enjoys the classes so much and actually fusses when the class ends each time. It’s a rarity to find passionate young teachers who are not only well planned out, with good/interesting materials each lesson and also most importantly armed with the ability to engage the preschoolers throughout the lesson :) Keep up the good work, Kaia!

Vanessa Joo

My gal has been taking lessons with Teacher Kaia for a couple of months, and I've seen how much she's learned and importantly, had fun while learning. The lessons are very well planned, thoughtfully crafted, carefully executed, and customised according to my daughter's learning pace and needs in order to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Communication with Teacher Kaia is always smooth and prompt, which is critical for me as a parent. She is always on time and extremely patient with my daughter who can be restless at times.


Definitely one of our best investments for our daughter. Thumbs up!

Janet Soh

I managed to hear about The Weekend School from a mummy friend and I am so glad that she introduced me to Teacher Kaia. My daughter absolutely adores her and her method of teaching. Every week, I would see Teacher Kaia bringing loads of activities to engage my daughter. Teacher Kaia taught my daughter science concepts, reading and even how to sew (basics with guidance, of course!) Keeping in mind that my daughter is 4 years old, Teacher Kaia does not limit what my child can learn, to her age. Instead, she broadens my child’s learning abilities, thus making her very inquisitive about everything. 

Another point to add, Teacher Kaia is punctual and really really patient. She is able to tell me what my daughter’s strengths are and how she will be helping my daughter in her weaknesses in learning. 

I would definitely recommend The Weekend School to parents who are looking for your child to learn through play and fun activities. There has never been a week that I’m not amazed at the activities that she has prepared for my daughter. 

Gwen Chia

My son really look forward to attending The Weekend School with Teacher Kaia. As he is quite an introvert, the small class setting really helps to build him up in terms of confidence and communication.

The topics chosen are a little different than his normal school curriculum thus it adds on to his knowledge.

Would really recommend the weekend school especially to children under 5 years old. :)


No regrets embarking on this journey with The Weekend School! How I wish classes were fun during my time.


My kids attended the class conducted by Ms Kaia and they had a blast! It was engaging, interactive and filled with activities that kept the kids so entertained they were bragging about the details to me after. Recommended to parents who want their kids to activate and develop parts of the kid’s mind that are rarely used in normal daily activities.

Darren Chen


Small Group Classes held at Joo Chiat Road and Edgefield Plains (Punggol)

Private Classes at the comfort of your home

Ms Kaia +65 9452 2359

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